Platinum Touchless Car Wash Quick, Convenient, Quality!

Platinum Touchless Car Wash
New Hampshire's newest and finest state of the art touchless car wash. Located in the heart of Londonderry, NH's shopping district off Route 102, between Wendy's and VIP Auto Parts.


Customer Experience

  • Open 24 hours a day - Every Day!
  • New Modern, bright, and well kept facilities
  • Self Serve Vacuum and Rug shampoo stations
  • Advanced Payment Kiosks that are easy to use. Accepting Cash (up to a $20 bill), Credit Cards/Debit Cards, & Platinum Wash Club Cards.
  • Change is given back in dollar bills (no more piles of quarters). Even our Vacuum and Rug shampooers accept dollar bills.
  • Discount and Gift cards available

Wash Experience

  • The State of the Art Touchless Car wash equipment. We don't touch your car, so we can't scratch your car.
  • Wide and brightly lit wash bays with no tire cradles to navigate your vehicle into.
  • Advanced options like High pressure Gatling Gun "Wheel Blasters" to clean brake dusted wheels, wheel wells, and lower body panels.
  • EVERY wash receives UNDERCARRAIGE washing!
  • We deal in $bills and credit cards exclusively for both Car Washes and our vacuum/shampoo stations. No quarters to deal with any more!
  • We adjust our wash cycles for the seasons and various vehicle conditions to provide for an optimized wash experience for the widest variety of vehicles.

We've Gone 100% Green!
  • We Use
      - the finest of bio-degradable and environmentally friendly soaps and waxes.
  • Our Advanced touchless wash equipment is the most efficient touchless equipment available today and uses far less water and electricity than the typical car wash.